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  • Hi guys, My name is Autumn Leigh. I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I am currently 20 years old, residing in Sacramento, Ca. I am a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast
    My entire life iv pretty much been in decent shape BMI wise, around 100 pound, 5`1. I definitely wasn’t always health couscous tho, I felt horrible inside and was always out of energy. Let me give you an example on how my days used to go.  I ate fast food and candy on a daily basis usually well after 9 o`clock. I was drinking at least 3 Dr.peppers a day. There were months that I maybe drank one glass of water! I do not know how my body was able to function. Iv for sure changed my lifestyle since then and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made!
    I decided if I am going to be health conscious I might as well put my all into it. It was something thati enjoyed learning and teaching others about. I sense have done a TON of research including getting certified by the national academy of sports medicine. I have changed my eating habits to eating clean meals 3-6 times a day. making sure I get my recommended amount of protein and WATER!! I read all the labels before I put anything into my body and I work out 4-5 days a week for 30 minutes to an hour each time.   I feel great and I mostly give that up to my new eating habits.That brings me to why I am here. A lot of people these days spend very little time actually caring about what they put into their body/ the way they treat it or the benefits of what they could be doing with it. I used to be one of them, Here I will be sharing my journey and my process of learning to eat healthier, be healthier and be happier. Hopefully Motivating you to live healthier, happier lives along the way as well. Email AutumnLeighFitness@aol.com if your interested in learning how to live a healthier happier lifestyle.


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