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tips and tricks to Help You Quit Smoking cigarettes


1. Have a reason to quit, once you find a reason keep that reason in your head every time you doubt quitting remember your reason.

2. Quit cold turkey, every single puff you take is like taking a step back. and every single minute you don’t is like taking a step forward into non smoking land. think of nicotine as a drug, just like heroin and morphine, smoking cigarettes triggers the release of addictive “feel-good” brain chemicals . Every puff you take makes you more addicted, so just quit! It will suck for the first few days. but just think how you will never have to go through that again and you will no longer be a slave to the cigarette company.

3.Suck it up

4.Each craving should only last 3 to 5 minutes, so find something to occupy your time. ex) Eat healthy food, exercise, do hand stands, do yoga, Clean your house, Clean your car, Do laundry, Study, Meditate, find a new hobby, call family or friends etc..

5.Drink more water

6.Sleep more

7. calculate your savings with cool apps on your smart phone. Some include how much time and money you save along with how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked and how many days it has been since the last time you puffed.Some have chat rooms and games to help occupy you during  cravings, most have rewards for random events like 1 week, 50 cigarettes not smoked, $100 saved along with the health benefits that come along with quitting etc… seeing these things really helps put things into perspective

8. put a pencil or pen between your fingers if your having trouble occupying your fingers.

9.  Take deep breaths of Clean air!

10.Look up the health risk of smoking.

11. avoid alcohol or other things that trigger cravings. One of mine was driving, I went to the drive in movies a lot. I don’t do that as much any more, but there’s no need to. You can go to the regular movies.

12. Its common to relapse. Don’t give up. Try and try again. Just remember every time you do you have to go through those first few days again.

13. Choose something to reward yourself with all the money you’ll be saving.

14. Try a vapor pen with low levels of nicotine if you really want to just ease down on the smoking process instead of quitting cold turkey these will help with the nicotine craving without all the other chemicals in cigarettes. but remember that’s just trading a habit for a habit so you will have another habit to tackle later.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or licensed dietitian. Please contact your physician to make sure this is right for you. I also do not have any affiliations with the link provided