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Wow #9

Wow #9 is a workout designed tone your shoulders and core!
Grab medicine ball or a pair of moderate weights

The set type is horizontal rising meaning we are going to finish all 3 sets before you move on to the next workout.

Warm up:
20 jumping jacks
10 push ups
10 reverse lunges

Shoulder press 15 reps x3 sets
:15-1:00 rest between sets

Push ups 15 x3 sets
:15-1:00 rest between sets

Full body crunches 20 x3 sets
:15-1:00 rest between sets

Spider planks 20 x3 sets
:15-1:00 rest between sets

Superset burnout (bonus)
Front raises 15
Mountain climbers 30
X3 no rest

Cool down:
5 minutes of stretching

Start with higher rest periods lower reps and sets and work your way up.

To make this workout harder stick to shorter rest periods, switch the push ups for decline push ups, add a cardio workout between sets or increase to 4 sets per exercise.

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5 Benefits Of Regular Fexibilty Training


Studies have shown regular stretching and flexibility training significantly improves agility, jump height, concentric and eccentric strength and decreases injury rate in healthy individuals without limitations of flexibility.
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5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer


Whether your just starting out or are a experienced fitness fanatic a personal trainer can help you. Great personal trainers keep you accountable and don’t let you slack off. Plus it takes your mind off of creating a new exercise routine you get to pay attention to the more important things like family or self improvement. Lets not forget that creating a new fitness routine to the average person is just putting a bunch of fun or interesting looking exercises together and hoping it works. A personal trainer has the knowledge needed to create customized workout plans for your goals.

1.You aren’t getting results.
Lets say you have been working out consistently for several weeks but you just aren’t seeing any results. Hiring a personal trainer would be great for you because they have the ability to look at your current routine and tell you what they think you can make changes to. Plus a trainer can also help determine if the goals you set are realistic.

2. You don’t know where to start.

I get it, the gym and all its crazy equipment can be overwhelming at first. A personal trainer will help maximize your time and make sure you don’t over do it. They will also help you set goals and create plans that will help you reach those goals.

3. You Bored with the same old workouts.

Maybe you workout all the time and you know what your doing so you haven’t even considered hiring a personal trainer. A trainer can bring a fresh perspective and add some variety to your workout.

4. You need to be challenged.
When your by your self its easy to want to slack off and quit when it starts getting tough. When your with a personal trainer they push you and motivate you to keep going. You might even find hidden strength you didn`t know you had because its hard to slack off when you have a personal trainer standing over you yelling “ONE LAST REP!”

5. You want to learn how to exercise on your own.
Say you just want to learn how to workout on your own, create workouts and goals. Hiring a personal trainer is perfect to get you started. In just a few sessions you should learn how to exercise with great form, how your body works with certain exercises and how to train in the most effective way.

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Wow #8

Wow#8 is a total body workout. All you will need is your body and a little determination!

This workout is a circuit meaning we are going from one exercise to the next with minimum rest.

Warm up:
10 inch worms
10 push ups
10 burpees

Walking planks. (20)
Mountain climbers (50)
Push ups (15)
Toe reachers (30)
90 degree crunch (25)
Single leg touch down (15 each side)
Squat jumps (20)
Calf raises (20)
Jumping jacks (50)

1:00 rest the Repeat x2-4 times

*Take a 5 minute cool down walk

Beginners: do push ups on your knees and if you need to during the toe reachers reach for your shins or knees. Just make sure your shoulders come off the ground

Advanced: do push ups with your feet on a box or stool, switch the single leg touch down to a pistol squat or add some weights.

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5 Lifestyle Hacks That Will Help You Workout and Lose Weight

1. Carry a water bottle with you at all times

Staying hydrated is important. If you have water with you at all times you have no excuses.

2. sleep in your workout clothes

if you have trouble getting up early for your workouts go to sleep In your workout clothes so all you have to do is get up and get out the door!

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Wow #6

This work out of the week is a total body exercise designed to burn fat and tone muscle. All you need is a pair of weights and a kettle bell.

Step up :30 each side
Kb swings 20
Alternating reverse lunge with high knee 15 each side
Squat press 15
Tricep dips till failure
Ball crunches 25
Shoulder press jacks 15
Alternating lateral lunges 30 total
Bench hop overs 1:00

1:00 rest

Repeat for as many rounds possible or 30 minutes

3 Tips To Stay Motivated To Workout During The Holiday Season

During the holiday season it seems to be way to easy to forget about our fitness goals and put them off till the next year. Its not a coincidence that the gyms are packed after the New Year. With all the traveling, Family obligations and delicious meals Its easy to see why the average weight gain during the holidays is 1-8 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much but if you don’t do something about it after 2 years that could be 20 pounds of weight gained just during the holidays!

Learn how to stay in shape and still enjoy the holidays.

1. Schedule your workouts

Make a appointment with your self and have your workouts planned out at least a month in advanced. If you know you will be out of down for a few days plan to use those days for recovery and schedule workouts around the trip. Don’t leave your workout schedule up to chance.

2. Find a training partner

It can be hard getting up on the cold mornings. Find a workout partner to go with you and make a pact to keep each other accountable. You will be less likely to skip with the guilt of leaving a friend hanging.

3. Use body weight

If you cant make it to the gym this holiday season you can still get a great workout in with just your bodyweight. Set your timer for 20-30 minutes and see how many times you can get through this circuit

15  Burpees
20 reverse lunges
40 Mountain Climbers
10-20 Push ups
50 Jumping jacks
15 Full body crunches
20 jump squats
:30-1:00 rest