5 Benefits Of Regular Fexibilty Training


Studies have shown regular stretching and flexibility training significantly improves agility, jump height, concentric and eccentric strength and decreases injury rate in healthy individuals without limitations of flexibility.

Below are 5 benefits of including a regular flexibility training program into your routine.

Although studies show STATIC stretching IMMEDIATELY before you workout can cause loss of strength and power. NO studies have shown it to be harmful. So if you are looking to use your  full strength and power like in a contest then hold off on the static stretches and opt for some dynamic stretching.

1. Decrease your chance of injury.

Poor flexibility leads to the development of relative flexibility. Relative flexibility is when your body chooses the path of least resistant’s during functional movement patterns. In other words your body starts to find and take short cuts during everyday activities because the muscles don’t have enough flexibility to fully extend. This leads to Muscle Imbalances. Training with relative flexibility causes inflammation, micro injury’s to your muscles and more imbalances. If the muscle imbalances are not addressed they can cause permanent damage to your soft tissue.

EXAMPLE:  When squatting down if the feet turn out that means we have relative flexibility in our legs.

2. Prevents the development of muscle imbalances

By allowing the muscles to reach their full range of motion you decrees the risk of developing muscle imbalances and lower the risk of injury by 18-43%

3. Correct current muscle imbalances and joint dysfunctions

By developing the full range of motion in tight muscles with flexibility training or stretching you allow the kinetic chain or your body to function optimally

4.Improve posture

Improving your flexibility will improve posture and reduce back pain.

5. Enhance strength, flexibility and power

Practicing flexibility allows your muscles to reach a wider range of motion which allows muscles to do more efficient work which leads to greater strength and power.

What is your favorite stretching technique? comment below or use the hashtag #FitnesswithAutumn on instagram!

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