Wow #7

Today’s circuit is a Super Plyo workout.

This workout consist of 3 super sets that you will repeat 3-4 times

*a super set is when you do one workout right after another with little to no rest. (2 workouts total)

Warm up:
Squat 10
Push ups 10
Jumping jacks 20
X 2-3

squats 15
Box jump 25

Reverse lunges 20 (each side)
Plyo lunges 50

Step ups 15 (each side)
Jump squats 20-25

Beginners: start with 2-3 sets each. You can also alternate side during the reverse lunges and step ups.

Use light weight. If you have a barbell available switch the regular squats for front squats. Throw in a high knee at the top of the step up. Then take a mile run.

Tell me what you think by commenting below, going to or by using the hash tag #fitnesswithautumn on your workout selfies! Have fun!

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