Wow #3

All you need for this workout is something heavy to lift/carry and you!

Warm up :
Jog for 5 minutes

Push ups 10 – 20
Bicep curls with weights 12-15
Burpees 20
Walking lunges with weights 20
Calf raises with weights 20
Jumping jacks 1:30
Plank rows with weights 20
90 degree crunches 25
Bicycle kicks 30
Mountain climbers 1:00
*Repeat AMRP in 30 minutes
(As many rounds possible)

Stretch to cool down for 5-10 minutes

Beginner modifications:
1. Do your push ups on the wall
2. walk out at the bottom of the Burpee instead of jumping
3. Use a bench to put your hands on if going all the way to the ground is to much stress on your back while doing the burpees
4.Use lighter weights or no weights with the walking lunges / calf raises.
5. Do less reps example: do 10 burpees instead of 20
6. Do a reverse lunge instead of walking lunges if those are still to difficult

Advanced modifications:
1. Use a bosu ball or heavy weights
2. Increase cardio intervals. Example: do jumping jacks for 1 minute and :30 seconds
3. Go for an 45minutes to an hour
4. Do push ups at the bottom of your burpees
5. Do decline pushups

Let me know what you think of WOW#3 by posting a picture when your putting in work on Instagram with the hash tag #fitnesswithautumn or email me at


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