Top 10 places to buy cheap and cute workout clothes

1. Ross
-I love Ross because you can usually get name brand workout clothing for half the price

2. Target
-They have a pretty big selection of cute workout gear and Targets prices are fair compared to high end brands like Lululemon and Nike

3. Old navy
– they usually have a bunch of cute inexpensive but high quality looking work out leggings and tops.

-great selections of cheap workout clothes.

5. JCpennys
-nice selctions of great priced workout gear.

-I like planet because they focus of quality clothing that is good for the environment and they are always having great deals

7. Sports authority
-They have a great rewards program and you can usually find some good coupons online plus they have anything sports related you could need under one roof.

8. Victoria secrets
-The semi annual sales are a great place to get good deals on workout clothing. Sometimes they will also do buy one get one half off on their sports bras.

9. eBay
-people get gifted workout gear they will never wear or they buy it them selves thinking they are going to workout and never do so there are actually a lot of new with tag items on eBay.

– they are a pretty awesome online member ship store. You get one workout outfit for around $40. But your first out fit is only $25 plus shipping!

-if your looking for great deals on name brand clothing online this is the site. You do have to sign up before you get access to any deals.

-*any sportswear company that you can find in the mall and online will probably have a clearance sections online for awesomely marked down merchandise


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