Why I choose whole foods over supplements

The supplement industry is booming right now. They use your emotions to get you to buy BS products and believe in them. Unfortunately supplement company’s aren’t regulated right now. Unless they are labeled ORGANIC. Sure some of them work because they have a good ratio of protein fats and carbs and are usually taken with exercise as well but that doesn’t mean they aren’t filled with fillers. I.E) concrete and saw dust.

That is why I prefer to invest in whole foods. For example I would prefer to drink a smoothie with non fat greek yogurt, greens, healthy fats like ground flax-seed and fruits than a protein shake. I know I’m getting the nutrients with no added fillers.

If you absolutely need the protein shake to reach your calorie goal then make sure it’s organic because they do have a few regulations.

Don’t let the supplement company sell you magic pills. It’s not magic. It takes hard work and healthy choices consistently made.

fruit and veggies

Serving size myth

One myth that I hear often is that the serving size on food labels are the “suggested servings sizes” but that is not true. That number is just a measurement so you can count how many calories your consuming. The back of the box is not your nutritionist.

Everybody has different calorie intake needs. There are apps you can download that you enter your basic information into and it will tell you how many calories it recommends you eat per day depending on your goals, usually depending on the app you can track your food and make sure your reaching that goal but not going over as well.
If you are interested in setting measurable, achievable goals but don’t know where to start email me at autumnLeighFitness@Aol.Com I would be glad to help you.

How To Set Goals And Create Your Perfect Life.


step 1: Take some time to sit down with no distractions. No cell phone, no television, no children, no friends, Just you. Take some deep breaths and  think about what you really want. What your perfect day would look like. Not what`s going to make you look the coolest but what`s really going to make you feel good and lay down at night every night saying “today was awesome!”

step 2: list 10 things. Example: what time you woke up on your perfect day or what time you stopped working, did you work out? What you do for work, how you spend your free time, how you feel, do you feel loved and taken care of? Do you earn passive income so you can stay home with your kids more.  There are so many things that could be important to you. Write down 10 on a piece of paper you are not going to lose! There could be more but this list isn’t permanent I actually recommend that you reassess your goals every few months or years and make sure they still align with your values and what your perfect day still looks like.

Step 3: Now I want you to list out everything that comes to your mind when you think of these thing. Especially what you need to do.. For example:  do you need to make money from home, be more present with loved ones, own your own business or promote your business, Exercise more often or eat healthier maybe you need to find a new job or learn a new skill what ever it may be that you feel is holding you back from your dream life or achieving your goals. anything and everything I want this to be like a brain dump so you don’t have to worry or think about it any more you have it all written down.

Step 4: Now its time to brainstorm ways that you can do all those things you have written down.

Example:  search domain names, create a business plan, search job listings for a job you would enjoy, consult a personal trainer, spend time with your loved ones, Meal prep, Read a personal development book, Create a product, hand out flyers etc.. List as many things as you can until your brain can no longer say “but how?”. there are no excuses you have it all written down. this is your blue print.

Step 5: Now Every day pick 2-3 items from that list and do them! the secret to doing this is a well thought out to do list and to spend a little time working on your goals each day! Most days we spend so much time checking off our to do list all the little things that really don’t help you  move further in life. For example: doing the laundry or running errands, things we need to do anyways At the end of the day we feel like we have been busy all day but haven’t gotten any where closer to our goals. Sometimes we even put so much on our to do list that when we check off one or two items we feel discouraged.  Don’t do that.

Pick two items from your list that we just created, write them on your to do list, do them and cross them out! There is something so refreshing about crossing off an item off your list that you know will get you one step closer to your goals.


Hopefully this helps get you closer to your goals. Let me know If this helps you by commenting below .





Top 10 places to buy cheap and cute workout clothes

1. Ross
-I love Ross because you can usually get name brand workout clothing for half the price

2. Target
-They have a pretty big selection of cute workout gear and Targets prices are fair compared to high end brands like Lululemon and Nike

3. Old navy
– they usually have a bunch of cute inexpensive but high quality looking work out leggings and tops.

4. dancewearsolutions.com
-great selections of cheap workout clothes.

5. JCpennys
-nice selctions of great priced workout gear.

6. Planetgear.com
-I like planet gear.com because they focus of quality clothing that is good for the environment and they are always having great deals

7. Sports authority
-They have a great rewards program and you can usually find some good coupons online plus they have anything sports related you could need under one roof.

8. Victoria secrets
-The semi annual sales are a great place to get good deals on workout clothing. Sometimes they will also do buy one get one half off on their sports bras.

9. eBay
-people get gifted workout gear they will never wear or they buy it them selves thinking they are going to workout and never do so there are actually a lot of new with tag items on eBay.

8. Fabletics.com/invite/autumnleighfitness
– they are a pretty awesome online member ship store. You get one workout outfit for around $40. But your first out fit is only $25 plus shipping!

9. Theclymb.com
-if your looking for great deals on name brand clothing online this is the site. You do have to sign up before you get access to any deals.

10. Finishline.com
-*any sportswear company that you can find in the mall and online will probably have a clearance sections online for awesomely marked down merchandise

garlic salsa shredded chicken recipe (crock pot)

This recipe is one of my all time favorites. Its so easy.



1 1/2 cup roasted verde garlic salsa (click the link for my special recipe:

(homemade salsa makes this even better but you can use a salsa that you get from the store)

4-5 skinless chicken tenders or 2-3 chicken breast


step 1: Place raw chicken in crock pot

step2: stab a few holes in the chicken

step3:  poor salsa over chicken

step4: cover crock pot with lid

step5: turn crock pot on low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours depending on how much time you have

step6: if you cooked the chicken for 4 hours you may have to shred the chicken a little with a fork. If you cooked the chicken for 6 hours the chicken should fall apart when your trying to take it out of the crock pot.

step7: enjoy how ever you heart desires. I like to add a little extra salsa, combine with montery jack,  Colby jack cheese and non fat Greek yogurt  in a burrito.

this serves about 3-4 people

serving size: 3 oz

calories: 174

fat: 2.3



potassium:  333.1

carbs: 8.2

fiber: 2.3

protein: 30.7

*disclaimer: the calorie count is a educated guess based off of myfitensspal




10 ways to manage stress

manage stress
manage stress

study after study  shows long-term severe  stress to be damaging to our health causing everything from high blood pressure, obesity, heart attack, depression and infertility. The list goes on. Some stress is good. It revs up the body by producing naturally occurring  performance enhancing chemical called adrenaline and cortisol but if severe stress goes untreated for a long period of time performance will ultimately decrease. lets work on relaxing but not so much that we get stuck in a rut. If you have been feeling frazzled lately take a moment and try some of the things on this list. I hope  you’ll be more productive and alert after. If you do something that really helps you that you don’t see on this list please comment below and share with the rest of the stressed community.

1. Deep breathing. Take 5 minutes to do nothing but focus on your breathing. make sure your taking deep breaths. breathing through both your nose and mouth. Inhale the fresh air and exhale the bull $#!^.

2. Exercise. No body said it better than Elle in legally blonde. “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. ” The first week or two may be difficult because your body isn’t used to pushing itself. Give it some time to get easier.

3. Make a plan. most often stress is occurring because we don’t know what is going to happen, we feel out of control or we don’t know what to do. Take some time to plan out and learn about what you’re doing. Being prepared is always a great way to feel confident and stress free.

4. Manage your nutrition. Sometimes you may only  be stressed out because your body isn’t getting the proper nutrition to function properly causing your mind to feel tired and stressed out. Don’t deprive your body of the nutrients it needs. try to eat whole foods and protein every 2-4 hours and remember if it comes from the sea, a tree / plant, or had a mom then you can eat it. if its MADE in a plant then it’s not for you.

5.Sleep. It’s possible you may not be getting enough sleep or maybe you’re getting too much!. are you sleeping a minimum of 7 hours and a max of 9-10? try to stay between 7-8 hours of sleep. Definitely don’t skip it.

6A. Make a to do list and cross things off the list! Its easy to get stressed out when you have a ton to do but no organization. Create a to do list and do the things you don’t want to do first! By the time your almost done and out of energy you will have gotten the hard things done and hopefully not feel stressed about the little things left over.

6B. When owning a business or being an independent contractor its easy to get stuck in the little tasks of everyday and not do anything to promote our business. Doing that can be stressful because you feel like your working hard all day but you have nothing to show for it. when your making your to do list I want you to put down 2 small things you can do to help better your business and do them! I only want you to put 2 because if you put more than that you will probably feel stressed out. there is always something more to be done. focus on your two items for the day, check them off your list and feel accomplished. if you still have some steam after your two items go right ahead and keep working. but don’t commit to too much in one day.

7.  Change your attitude. Sometimes all you need Is a little attitude adjustment. Stop looking at the glass as being half empty and think of it as being half full  or better yet look for way how to sell the glass!

8. Write down at least 10 things your grateful for. Really take a moment and feel grateful for what your write down. If you woke up tomorrow with only what you were grateful for today how would your life be?

9. Call up a friend or family member and catch up. Our relationships are what keep us happy. Call a friend or family member and remind them you love them.

10. Ask for a hug, find someone you love and hug the stress out.


I hope these tips helped and you are feeling less stressed and ready to take on the world