13 ways to make money online.


1. Go through your stuff especially your closet and put all the stuff you don’t want or haven’t worn in years in a pile. Now put anything you feel is worth something on a website like  craigslist or storenvy there are a ton of other sites but those are the ones I personally use.

2. Take serveys

3. Become a YouTube partner

4. Advertise your business on free social media sites.

5. create a website and sell things.

6.  put ads on the website you create.

7.if you have a smart phone download gympact and get paid to make healthy choices.

8.  create a blog.

9. learn how to create websites and advertise what you can do.

10. if you have a nice camera practice your photography and put some examples of your work online and offer photography sessions.

11. create a Ebook on your expertise and sell it online.

12.  webcam modeling is an option if your not shy to be in front of a camera and get asked to do strange things.

13.  Apply to a job listing you would like to do